Satellite & Earth Station Licensing

Licensing requirements are designed to ensure an interference-free environment in which finite orbital and spectrum resources can be accessed for maximum public benefit.  International organizations such as the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and domestic and foreign regulatory bodies administer various licensing procedures and rules.  Appreciating the different applicant eligibility requirements, licensee milestones, service conditions and filing obligations in countries around the world can present challenges for big and small companies alike.

We can help you manage your domestic and international licensing portfolio by:

  • Outlining the licensing requirements and accompanying fees for all major markets
  • Preparing and filing licensing applications for both private and commercial networks
  • Obtaining waivers to overcome restrictive conditions
  • Negotiating coordination agreements with other spectrum users
  • Advising on maintaining and modifying authorizations once the network is operating
  • Advocating before national regulatory authorities for licensing and spectrum protection