Cost-Effective Counseling

We are pleased to offer our clients access to top-tier, highly qualified, and specialized ICT legal and regulatory advisors at extremely competitive rates.  Our clients often save between 30-50% on the costs of outside counsel when working with LMI Advisors (either independently or teamed with local counsel) versus more traditional “big law” firms, without compromising on quality.  In fact, many of the consultants who work with LMI Advisors are themselves former “big law” practitioners, senior legal counsel within the ICT sector, or former government regulators.

We work closely with clients from the outset to find the best approach to fee arrangements.  We appreciate that while some clients prefer the more traditional reduced hourly rate model (in particular because our rates are significantly below large private practice firms for the same level of experience), others may be seeking more bespoke or innovative arrangements.  Some of the ways that we can propose to support you may include:

  • Hourly rates based on time incurred by our consultants
  • Monthly or annual retainer agreements
  • Fixed fee arrangements (where a matter is capable of being scoped in advance)
  • Discounts for pre-purchasing blocks of hours
  • Volume-based discounts
  • Blended-rate arrangements

We also strive to ensure that we are providing value to our clients in every aspect of the services we deliver. We endeavor to “right-size” projects in terms of team members – for example, using junior resources where appropriate (such as for research tasks) and teaming with local counsel or consultants.  We also take great pride in the value proposition we can offer clients based on the specialized knowledge and expertise of our consultants, in particular as relevant to the unique requirements of the ICT industry.  We will not have to incur additional time “learning on the job,” which may be required by other generalists when advising on ICT matters.

Our clients appreciate the inherent value associated with our consultants’ broad international experience, qualifications, and geographic locations.  We have consultants located across the globe (see our Contact Us page), who can utilize local and regional connections to efficiently and economically address client matters.  We also leverage our extensive network of similarly cost-effective and carefully selected local counsel firms.

We would be happy to discuss how LMI Advisors may be able to support your organization and provide free estimates for any specific matters with which you require assistance.


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