LMI Advisors serves the unique needs of the global satellite industry.

Our consultants have decades of experience in telecommunications law, regulation and commerce. With experienced consultants located strategically around the world, LMI Advisors provides support for the full range of communications regulatory issues that a telecommunications business will encounter.

We have decades of experience in U.S. and international telecommunications licensing, regulatory counseling, spectrum management, market access, commercial contracting, public policy, government relations, and more. Our consultants have served at the FCC, foreign regulatory authorities and as in-house and outside counsel to major satellite and telecommunications service providers.  Because we are structured as a consultancy rather than a traditional law firm, LMI Advisors is able to advise clients on a flexible and cost-effective basis.

Satellite 2020 Highlights

Satellite 2020 Highlights

The Satellite 2020 Conference brought aerospace entrepreneurs, executives, engineers, end-users, and enthusiasts to Washington, DC to discuss how satellites are shaping...

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Satellite & Earth Station Licensing

LMI Advisors assists clients in navigating U.S. and foreign regulations affecting the telecommunications industry. We can guide you through the complex rules governing terrestrial wireless and satellite service issues, as well as lawful interception, data protection and privacy concerns.

We leverage our extensive public and private sector experience to counsel satellite operators, aeronautical and maritime communications providers, earth station operators and managers of global networks across jurisdictions. – Read More

Transactions & Commercial Agreements

LMI Advisors assists clients in conducting due diligence and developing favorable agreements involving telecommunications equipment and services.  We have extensive experience with negotiations, commercial and government contract formation and the development of joint ventures. – Read More

International Satellite Regulation

Our consultants advise on regulations governing spectrum sharing and licensing, with a particular focus on International Telecommunications Union and regional telecommunications regulatory meetings. We can advise you on national rulemakings, the development of requirements to facilitate implementation of spectrum-based operations, and with negotiations among spectrum users to develop workable sharing arrangements. -Read More

Innovative Advocacy

LMI Advisors participates in a range of diverse projects involving innovative service applications and business structures.  We regularly assist client in negotiating with regulators to authorize new services and business models not contemplated by existing regulatory frameworks. – Read More


Satellite Market Access

LMI Advisors has extensive expertise in global satellite market access, including traditional earth station operations, maritime services and in-flight connectivity.  These licensing activities, along with our participation in international telecommunication regulatory activities, create strong relationships with regulators around the world. – Read More

Government Contracts

U.S. government missions rely on the international commercial satellite industry to provide secure, real-time communications. LMI Advisors can facilitate your support of national security missions by counseling on government contracting and proposals, outlining security compliance requirements and advocating before national regulatory and intelligence organizations. – Read More