Satellite Market Access

Satellite operators wishing to serve a desired market must be authorized to access the market before implementation of service.  While signatories to the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement on Telecommunications Services have committed to open-market principles to promote foreign competition in satellite services, foreign-licensed satellite operators typically must request market access to provide services WTO-member and non-member states.  In addition to licensing requirements, foreign-satellite operators also must overcome market access barriers.

We can help you obtain access to serve foreign markets by:

  • Advising on market access issues in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Russia/CIS, and the Middle East
  • Drafting letters of intent and applications to gain access to U.S. markets
  • Outlining the reporting requirements for operations that have been granted market access
  • Negotiating market access requirements around the world
  • Advocating before national regulatory authorities for market access protection
  • Evaluating how a market access grant would affect competition, national security and trade